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Free WEBM Player 1.0

Free WEBM Player is a program that enables you to play WEBM video files
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Free WEBM Player is a simple and straightforward application that allows you to play WebM video files. Since the WebM format has become quite popular lately, as its development is supported by Google and its purpose is to be used with HTML5 videos, the need for handy WebM players has also grown. So, I'm pretty sure Free WEBM Player will be downloaded and tried by plenty of users, even if it's actually not one of my favorite tools of this kind.

The reasons why I don't quite like it include the fact that on its official download page it's wrongly advertised that it can play other video file formats, like AVI, MP4, and so on. But once I got to actually try it, I noticed that it can open and play only WebM files. Another thing that disappointed me about it is that it comes with a complete lack of any additional features and options, including basic, common ones like support for creating and managing playlists or a sound equalizer. It only lets you open a WebM video, pause the playback, control the sound volume, and toggle between the full screen and the windowed mode. That's all of it. I also honestly don't understand why the download size for this program is of around 30 MBs, considering its utter simplicity. Anyway, it's free, and it played the selected WebM videos without any errors or problems, so I guess that it gets its job done, and this might deserve some appreciation after all.

In conclusion, Free WEBM Player is a simple free tool that lets you play WebM files, and nothing more. If you're looking for any additional features and functions, then you should skip trying this utility and keep looking for. If you only want to open and watch a WebM video, then Free WEBM Player is an OK choice.

Margie Smeer
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  • It's free
  • It's very simple and easy to use


  • Opens and plays only WebM files and no other video formats
  • Doesn't support playlists
  • Doesn't offer any additional features and options
  • The interface is not customizable
  • Large download size
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